Empower your people with training that keeps you on the cutting-edge

You can’t afford to sit back when it comes to your company’s training and retention practices. The last few years have left their mark on businesses, and those who aren’t willing to adapt will be challenged to succeed. It all takes skills to keep up.

When you devote time to empowering your people you:

  • Retain a more satisfied workforce that’s better qualified for advancement and retention.
  • See overall improved company performance.
  • Have fewer expenses onboarding new employees because you can train your existing ones and keep them engaged.
  • Improve the skills of c-suite employees resulting in better leadership and more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.

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A trusted educational partner

Education from the University of Vermont Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) comes with the assurance that you’re getting high-caliber and cutting-edge courses. UVM faculty include groundbreaking researchers, innovators and business entrepreneurs who all share a common passion for connecting with students and sharing their experiences.

When you work with us, you can:

  • Receive consulting services to create a training plan.
  • Access a large selection of online asynchronous courses.
  • Create custom-built learning programs based on your organization’s priorities.

Companies who’ve worked with us

  • General Dynamics – Project Management Professional Training: Advanced Overview and Exam Preparation
  • NEKS – Introduction to Leadership and Management Training
  • Dealer.com – Project Management Professional Training: Overview and Exam Preparation
  • Dow Chemical – Sustainable Innovation Online Non-credit Program
  • Agimark / Cabot – Diversity Equity and Inclusion Online

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