About PACE’s Online Learning Team

Teaching online can seem overwhelming at first. Most of us grew up with very little exposure to online education, so it’s natural that it feels unfamiliar. PACE’s team of instructional designers are here to guide you in a successful online experience for both you and your students.

PACE’s Online Learning Team works with subject-matter experts on campus and in the community to build high-quality online courses and programs such as

  1. 4 and 8 week non-credit programs developed by UVM faculty and experts from the community.
  2. Summer online courses, including lab courses.
  3. Graduate online certificates.
  4. Full online masters degrees, such as the Master of Public Health.

Professional and Continuing Education’s (PACE’s) Online Learning Team are here to help you navigate these waters. We’ve identified and vetted tools, techniques, and an approach that are grounded in best practices to offer the most engaging and effective learning experience.