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UVM Is: Supporting Students Is Holly Pedrini’s Greatest Joy on the Job

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Working with students is the most rewarding part of Holly Pedrini’s job. Sharing the importance of a strong work ethic and positive attitude gives her a strong sense of purpose.

Ever since joining UVM in 2007 as the office manager of event services for the Davis Center, Pedrini has taken many students under her wing.

“I love working with students, and I feel like I can teach them something about developing a solid work ethic and having a good attitude on the job,” she says. “We hear from so many students long after graduation about how their employment experience here was so good for them. Not just in terms of job training, but also how this was such a supportive environment. Students feel like they have a family here.”

Pedrini worked as the front end manager for Onion River Co-op for 10 years before coming to UVM when the Davis Center first opened. She had been directly involved in the co-op’s move from North Winooski Avenue to its current downtown location.

At UVM, she’s involved in all aspects of operations, from co-managing a small team of students as office reservation assistants to managing office details to working with vendors who want to reach out to students in the Davis Center.

“We have lot of fun and we’re always striving to do the best job we can,” she says, adding that she works hard to set a positive example for students. “I tell students that being helpful and going above and beyond is always the best choice.”

Pedrini grew up in Baltimore and moved to the Burlington area 34 years ago to raise her two sons, who are now in their 30s and have children of their own. When she’s not at work, she enjoys swing dancing and volunteering at the Flynn Theatre.

For Pedrini, going to work is something she looks forward to.

“Working in an academic environment is so stimulating and there is so much variety,” she says. “I also get to learn things from students, especially things related to technology, and that really keeps me in the know. I’m always pleased when I know something techy that students don’t and it’s something I can help them figure out—that makes me feel pretty great.”

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