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A Retired Science Teacher Explores a New Path with Cannabis

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Central Vermont resident Ann Ndione is a retired science teacher who enrolled in the UVM Cannabis Science and Medicine Program this fall. Ann, who studied Horticulture and Horticultural Therapy at the New York Botanical Gardens, talked to us about her experience in the new UVM online program.

Ann Ndione

Why did you enroll in the UVM cannabis certificate program?

I just retired and saw the program advertised. This is a time of transition for me and I am open to a new focus in life. The program looked very interesting and challenging, a perfect mix for me. It combines my love of plants and passion for science.

What aspect of the program have you enjoyed the most?

Actually, I have enjoyed all of it–though there is a ton of work. Since I have little to no current experience with cannabis, everything is new. I feel that the format of the online class has worked well. The cohort is amazing and there is so much learn from each member. I wish we could have a face-to-face gathering at some point.

How and when did you first become interested in cannabis in terms of healthcare and policy?

I have been peripherally following cannabis in the news and have a few personal connections where I wish I had known more about it.

After you complete the program, how will you use what you have learned?

This is definitely the million-dollar question. The course has ignited a passion in me to be an advocate for medical cannabis. I would love to work with growing and research, though that is probably not too likely. Perhaps with this program I could work at a Vermont dispensary. I am going to explore the options. I am also talking to many others about the program and sharing my knowledge. Busting the stigmas and educating the public is one tiny step toward getting cannabis rescheduled.

Why would you recommend the program to others?

I would recommend the program because it is rigorous, balanced, and uses science-based evidence to inform.

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