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UVM Cannabis Webinar Series Examines Policy, Medicinal Use, Edibles

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By Cynthia Belliveau, EdD
Dean, UVM Continuing and Distance Education

As cannabis laws in the United States evolve, the need for an informed and engaged community discussion is more important than ever. UVM Continuing and Distance Education is hosting a free Cannabis Speaker Series webinar program in May and June to examine the history, policies, and emerging dynamics around the legalization of cannabis.

UVM, the land grant university in this state, has a role in facilitating a sophisticated and informed conversation about cannabis policy, law, medicinal use, science, and edibles. There is a lot of information (and bad jokes) out there, and we want to facilitate a balanced and educated exchange.

The speakers are experts working in Vermont, Colorado, and Toronto who are navigating the opportunities and challenges of legalization both at home and globally. Registration for the series far exceeded our expectations, and we are encouraged that people – from Vermont and beyond –are taking advantage of this opportunity to become better informed.

Last week, I was interviewed on Vermont Public Radio about our Cannabis Speaker Series. You can find the interview here: Higher Education: UVM to Host Higher Education Webinar Series.

To learn more about the UVM Cannabis Speaker Series, visit

Belliveau_CynthiaDr. Cynthia Belliveau, EdD, is Dean of UVM Continuing and Distance Education.


Photo Credit: Nick Hardcastle/Flickr Creative Commons

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