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Wanderlust: Make your Study Abroad Dreams a Reality

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When you were a kid, did you ever spin a globe and dream of traveling to far off destinations? Maybe your imagination would allow you to see the ancient tortoises of the Galapagos Islands or take the stage at the Royal Globe Theatre. Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to dream anymore. There are so many options for travel abroad whether through a short UVM faculty-led program that takes place over an academic break or during a semester or a full year abroad. So how do you decide?

How to Study Abroad with the 5 “C”s to consider when picking your study abroad location:

1. Credits

It’s a good idea to align your travel with your course of study. This will enrich your learning experience and deepen your knowledge of course content when you get back to the UVM campus. Check with your advisor and confirm your credit requirements. Do any of the credits align with travel programs?

2. Cost

What does the program cost? What’s the exchange rate or cost of living? Are there scholarships you could apply for to lower the cost? Will your financial aid carry over? Make sure you have a financial plan before you land in your destination country. You may not be able to work, so plan ahead so that you can afford to adventure and explore (let alone eat).

3. Culture

Is there a region of the world that you’re most interested in exploring? Have you always dreamed of living in a particular city, learning a particular indigenous instrument, or enjoying a new culinary style? Let your cultural interests inform the way you direct your study abroad program search.

4. Communication

What language skills do you have currently? Will you be able to take courses in another language? Are you interested in learning another language or challenging yourself in a new linguistic setting? Would you feel more comfortable engaging in English? Make sure you’re comfortable with, and excited about, the challenge of language learning as it can be a large part of part of cultural exploration.

5. Coordination

How much work will it take for you to prepare for the trip? Be honest with yourself. With your busy campus life, how much time do you have to prepare? Do you have the necessary travel documents? How much support would you like during your travels? Are you more comfortable traveling solo or with a group? Depending on the program, you may need more time to prepare travel documents and other arrangements – so consider your options and remember that you’ll need to do some of this work yourself.

The world is your oyster! Explore the many options you have available for UVM Travel and Study Abroad Programs and start believing that you can experience life in another part of the world. Make your study abroad dreams a reality.