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Vermont Study Details Anticipated Growth in Health Care Jobs

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Health care jobs in Vermont increased by 8 percent in just 10 years, and the industry is expected to grow even more within the next decade.

That’s according to a recent study from the Vermont Department of Labor titled, “Tech in Vermont: A Study of the Prevalence and Impact of Tech in the Green Mountain State.”

An article in explains that compared to the rest of the country, Vermont has higher health care employment at outpatient care centers, hospitals, general health practitioners, nursing homes, and dental offices. Meanwhile, the state has a lower concentration of health care jobs at laboratories, home health care services, doctors’ offices, and personal care stores.

In 2014, there were about 74,000 jobs in the two categories, making up about 24 percent of Vermont’s jobs, compared with 25 percent nationally. About 60 percent of Vermont’s 74,000 “technology” jobs were in health care—higher than the national average of 54 percent.

Over the next eight years, health care is expected to grow 11.7 percent—from 38,034 jobs in 2014 to 42,465 in 2022.

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