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College Prep: Encourage Your Student to Earn College Credits in High School

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College prep can start well before your high schooler starts filling out their college applications. This is especially true for students who would like to experience college first-hand and alleviate some of the questions they may have about school. For example, if your child is unsure of the major they would like to pursue, there are many great opportunities to explore programs while still in high school. Part of what makes a pre-college experience so unique is that it can ultimately help your student make better and more informed decisions around their education before they even apply to college.

Earn College Credits in High School

Today’s aspiring college students have a variety of options available to them to help prepare for college. Your child has the opportunity to earn college credits and gain a greater understanding of what higher-level education is like before they begin college. The University of Vermont provides a variety of comprehensive options for getting ahead and experiencing college while still in high school. Not only will your child have an opportunity to earn college credits while working on finishing their high school academics, students can demonstrate their academic readiness to college admissions. Whether your child wants to pursue their options during the academic year or during the summer, UVM offers courses to high school students and recent high school graduates, both on campus and online.

Benefits of a Pre-College Program

UVM’s Pre-College programs offer students an academically challenging experience designed to bring out their best and prepare them for college. This academic offering is unique to high school students because it gives them an opportunity to acclimate from high school to college and find their way before they officially enroll in a college-level program.

Students may use any one of several pre-college opportunities to get ahead of the competition when it comes time to apply for college admission:

  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Demonstrate ability to college recruiters
  • Take challenging or unique courses not offered in high school

High school students or graduates may earn college credit in one or more courses alongside peers and undergraduates. UVM offers entry level courses both on campus and online year round in a variety of subject areas. Course credits are transferable within UVM and other institution.

UVM’s Summer Academy gives students the unique opportunity to slowly acclimate from high school to college by participating in on-campus and online learning while also becoming familiar with UVM’s expectations. It’s also a chance for students to make new friends and find their way around UVM and Burlington.

Dual Enrollment Offers Two Free Courses

The Vermont Dual Enrollment program provides high school students, juniors and seniors, access up to two college courses with tuition fully reimbursed through a voucher system approved by their high schools. High school students who are Vermont state residents are eligible for two vouchers during their junior or senior years in high school. Find out how to apply for the Dual Enrollment voucher today.

Just like college, applying to a pre-college program can often feel overwhelming for a number of different reasons, and there are various factors that come into play for finding the best fit. Schedule a meeting with your child’s school counselor or talk to an enrollment coach at UVM’s Continuing and Distance Education dept. to determine what program may work best with their academic schedule and course load.

See the selection of over 100 Pre-College Courses and start an application today.