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Making the Most of Your Campus Visit

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Visiting a college is the most effective way to learn about campus culture and student life. Want to make the most out of your college visits? Take the time to meet as many people as possible, and check out everything from the dorms to the dining halls.

Here is our campus visit checklist:

Explore the Campus

  • Take a college tour
  • Interview with an admissions officer
  • Sit in on a class that interests you
  • Talk to current students about what they like and dislike about the school
  • Visit the freshman dorms, bookstore, career center, and dining halls
  • Walk or drive around the town or city where the college is located

Student Life

  • Find out if students primarily live on campus or off campus
  • Scan bulletin boards to learn about campus life
  • Visit the school’s website to find events and activities
  • Read the student newspaper and any campus blogs
  • See what students and graduates are saying on the college’s social media pages

Access to Professors

  • Ask if your professors host office hours
  • Inquire about the professor-student ratio, ask about TA support and qualifications
  • Find out how many students participate in research during their undergrad experience
  • Meet a professor who teaches in a subject that interests you

Experiential Learning & Career Advising

  • Learn what percentage of undergraduate students gain internships
  • Find out if there are scholarships/fellowships available for summer or post-graduate opportunities
  • Find out how many classes provide out-of-the classroom learning opportunities

Financial Support

  • Learn about available scholarships
  • Pick up financial aid forms

Food on campus

  • Sample the offerings! Dine on campus
  • Find out how many eateries are on campus