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Where to get the Best UVM Food

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Whether you’re new to campus or a seasoned senior, you’re bound to want be on the lookout for some comfort food on campus.  If you need a study break or you’re afraid that you’ll run out of points before the semester ends, these on campus eateries will provide you the best of food and service.

UVM Food Choices – The Best of:

Bang for your Buck: The Harvest Café

Looking for a meal after hours?  Within the hours of 5am and 3am, you can fill your tray with healthy, locally harvested options for just a few dollars. The Harvest Café prepares meals worth the walk across campus. Whether you’re stuck on campus when the dining halls are closed or you’re looking to meet a date in scrubs, YELP gives this hospital food 4 stars.

If your parents are visiting: The Waterman Manor

Show off a little at the Waterman Manor, where you can enjoy an a la care menu of local foods served to you by a friendly and knowledgeable wait staff. Rub elbows with University administrators, bring a date, or just enjoy the views of the lake from the back balcony!

For specialty items that meet your dietary needs:  The Marché

Enjoy the specialty items offered in The Marche, from the pizza oven, to smoothie bar, to make your own salad station. There are Vegan / Gluten-Free / Kosher options, including a mini grocery for your convenience!

For a stacked sandwich: Alice’s Café

Whether for breakfast or lunch, the staff at Alice’s make a mean sandwich. With your choice of bread and all the right fixings, a sandwich from Alice’s Café is one of the most satisfying ways to spend your points on campus.  Plus! Bring your own mug for coffee – all vessels charged the same price!

For the International Palate: The Marketplace

Looking for something with cultural flare? Check the menu at the Marketplace, which changes every day of the week. Sample Sukhi’s samosas & pakoras, or enjoy freshly prepared sushi. You’ll find plenty of comfort foods with an international twist.

For the underground music scene: Brennan’s Pub

Enjoy this unique on-campus pub, conveniently located on the ground floor of the Davis Center. Find a cozy lounge chair, where you can snack on complementary popcorn and listen to live music while you wait for your specialty burger and fries to be ready.

Still need some inspiration? Check out these tasty on-campus culinary creations by nom de plume Dude Hubris on Tumblr. You’ll be skipping off to the cafeteria in no time!  There’s food on campus for every palate and if you can’t find it the way it’s cooked at home, you can put your skills to the test and create your favorite flavors in a new way.