Virginia Chang

Virginia Chang, Ph.D.

End-of-Life Doula Instructor

Virginia Chang, Ph.D., is a certified end-of-life doula and founder of Till The Last. She works with the dying and their families/caregivers to approach end of life in a positive, meaningful, and affirming way. She supports clients one-on-one and helps to advocate for and realize their needs and wishes. As a certified yoga teacher and life-long practitioner, she also incorporates meditation and breathwork into her approach bringing a mindfulness and peace to her work. She is passionate about increasing awareness of end of life, self-care, and bioethics. She is grateful to be part of the UVM team and to share the knowledge that she gained through the course with other learners. When relaxing, Virginia can be found reading, playing the harp, travelling, or exercising. She lives in New York City.