tanamá varas (all pronouns)

Catamount Farm Manager and FTP Lead Instructor

tanamá is a lifelong student of the earth, who has been involved with land stewardship work for the last decade. Beginning with conservation of butterflies and native plants to social movement organizing with peasants, tanamá has a wide range of experiences. This includes a formal B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems with a focus in agroecology from the University of California, Davis followed by multiple years of soil research at UC Berkeley. They have worked on various types of farms including at Zen centers, school gardens, non-profits, and indigenous communities.

tanamá is passionate about political education, a plastic-free agriculture, dismantling patriarchy, land reform, and prison abolition. They hope to see urban-rural migration in the near future. When his hands are not in the soil, he can often be found reading books on soil and anti-imperialism or at the skatepark connecting with youth on their role and importance in the food system.