Michelle Acciavatti

Michelle Acciavatti, M.S.

End-of-Life Specialist at Ending Well

Michelle Acciavatti is an End-of-Life Specialist at Ending Well, LLC. Her work includes teaching people to be empowered patients, advance planning, being a pregnancy loss and end-of-life doula, training end-of-life doulas, creating meaningful and personal rituals for after death, including home funerals and green burial, and giving community workshops. What she enjoys most about her work is helping people make a personal connection with dying and death.

Michelle has her Master of Science in Neuroscience, a Clinical Ethics Certificate from Harvard Medical School, and has completed multiple end-of-life and home funeral programs. She previously worked as a consultant for the Office of Ethics at Boston Children’s Hospital. Michelle is proud to be the citizen champion of a green burial bill and founder of an LLC dedicated to helping people approach the end-of-life. In her spare time she devours books.