Dylan Broderick smiling

Dylan Broderick

Independent Study Mentor

Area of Interest

Conservation, land cover mapping, technical writing, suitability mapping, expanding accessibility of GIS and spatial data


I grew up in Vermont and currently work for the Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI). I am primarily involved with boundary-related datasets including parcels, protected lands, and other administrative boundaries. Prior to VCGI, I provided GIS support at an environmental consulting firm, with projects largely focused on the detection and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater in the eastern U.S. I received Bachelors and Masters degrees in GIS from Clark University in Worcester, MA (2012/2013). While in school, my research involved calculating the carbon storage of a watershed in northeastern Siberia. This work combined field data with medium- and high-resolution imagery, spectral mixture analysis, and land cover classifications to derive estimates of soil carbon content. I enjoy learning about a variety of topics, and exploring how GIS can be used for problem solving and developing new approaches to existing challenges. I am also interested in expanding the utility and accessibility of spatial data to audiences that may not have a GIS background.

Why students should study GIS

GIS is a practical skill that can be applied to numerous disciplines. It can quickly present large amounts of complicated or nebulous information in ways that are clear and impactful. Even a basic understanding of GIS concepts and tools is often valuable to employers, and can provide a gateway to growing one’s skills even further.