Alison Reynoso

Alison E. Reynoso, MPH

End of Life Doula Instructor

Alison.ReynosoFor over 15 years, Alison E. Reynoso (MPH) has supported those at the end of their lives, and their loved ones. She has been advocating for their quality of life until their last breath, as a Hospice Volunteer Manager with Visiting Nurse Services (VNS) Health in New York City since 2009. One of her expertise has been to train others to offer a compassionate presence at the end of life with vigil visits.

Alison was originally introduced to hospice as a volunteer after the death of her grandmother. Alison’s own curiosity and sensitivity lead her to explore creative ways to speak freely  about death and dying. She believes that the more we reflect on the reality of death, the better prepared we will be when the time comes (for us and for others) and we would be more present in our lives.

Alison successfully completed the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) in 2019. She is also a graduate of the Foundations in Buddhist Contemplative Care with the New York Zen Center since 2011. She is a certified coach from the International Coach Federation.  She is proud and grateful to integrate her mindfulness, spirituality, and healing practices to support others.

Being born in the Dominican Republic gives her a unique perspective on the importance of language and culture to connect with others. Alison is mindful and culturally aware of people‚Äôs differences. Alison provides a safe, supportive space for others to share about themselves.  She has cultivated the ability to listen deeply, provide insight, and leads with compassion.