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Unlock the Science of Cannabis in Medicine

Now, more than ever, there is an ever-increasing demand for clinicians, dispensary managers, and other industry professionals to understand the indications, counter-indications, benefits, and risks of cannabis.

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Offered by UVM’s Department of Pharmacology, this seven-week, non-credit, online professional certificate program covers cannabis history, business, law and policy, plant biology, biological effects on humans, production and safety, pharmacology, and clinical research.

Learn from experts in UVM’s pioneering, evidence-based Program

Develop a broad understanding of cannabis and advanced concepts

Earn an an industry-leading credential

This program delivers a unique experience for students to develop a broad understanding of cannabis and its medicinal use, with more advanced concepts relevant to biology and medicine.

Students will also learn about the acute and chronic effects of psilocybin, factors that influence psilocybin pharmacology, and more including the therapeutic effects (beneficial and adverse) of psilocybin/psilocin.

As an industry-leading credential UVM’s Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine gives professionals assurance they can accurately inform patients and customers, as well as gain a competitive advantage as a knowledgeable, trustworthy provider who can effectively minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of cannabis for therapeutic use.

“With this course, I felt like I really got a good base or foundation of everything that’s current. There’s a lot of anecdotal stuff out there but as a physician, what’s the evidence-based medicine behind it? This course provided a review of some of the things that I knew and a lot of other information that really helped fill in the gaps.”

–Dr. Lisa Profera, Program Alumnae

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