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Healthcare providers today need to arm themselves with thorough, evidence-based knowledge about cannabis. Yet, according to a recent study published in Forbes, most physicians and healthcare providers lack knowledge of medicinal cannabis.

Understanding the science behind cannabis is no longer an optional skill but a necessary part of providing comprehensive patient care.

That’s where the University of Vermont College of Medicine can help.

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Offered by the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology, our 8-week, online professional certificate program – starting March 25 – covers cannabis history, business, law and policy, plant biology, biological effects on humans, production and safety, pharmacology, and clinical research.

This first-of-its kind online certificate is designed for physicians, dispensary personnel, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, and regulators to develop a broad understanding of cannabis and its medicinal use, with more advanced concepts relevant to biology and medicine.

Learn from experts in UVM’s evidence-based online professional certificate

Develop a broad understanding of cannabis, advanced concepts and therapeutic use of psilocybin

Earn an an industry-leading credential from UVM’s College of Medicine

“With this course, I felt like I really got a good base or foundation of everything that’s current. There’s a lot of anecdotal stuff out there but as a physician, what’s the evidence-based medicine behind it? This course provided a review of some of the things that I knew and a lot of other information that really helped fill in the gaps.”

–Dr. Lisa Profera, Program Alumnae

As an industry-leading credential UVM’s Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine gives professionals assurance they can accurately inform patients and customers, as well as gain a competitive advantage as a knowledgeable, trustworthy provider who can effectively minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of cannabis for therapeutic use.

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