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Help Your Students Succeed in Medicine – Start this Summer and Save

At the University of Vermont, we understand the pivotal role advisors play in guiding students towards fulfilling careers in medicine. We invite you to explore how our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical and Online Master of Medical Science programs can serve as the launchpad for your students’ aspirations to join the ranks of esteemed medical professionals.

Plus, by starting in the summer, students can save on tuition costs. Students can take advantage of summer tuition which is 30% less than academic-year tuition for most courses. Even better, the first 20 Post-Bacc Pre-Med students who successfully complete two or more summer courses, will receive one course (3 or 4 credits) at no charge.

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Transform Prospects into Promising Medical Candidates

Our Post-Bacc Pre-Medical Program is meticulously designed to bolster academic credentials and solidify your students’ readiness for medical school. By recommending UVM’s Post-Bacc Pre-Medical Program, you’re students will have access to:

  • Tailored Curriculum: Dive into a comprehensive curriculum that primes students for medical school admission, focusing on core scientific principles and clinical knowledge.
  • Personalized Support: Our dedicated advising team supports students, offering one-on-one guidance and expert mentorship every step of the way.
  • Medical School Linkages: Benefit from our strong connections with top medical schools, providing a smoother transition into students chosen program.
  • Access Real-World Experience: Gain invaluable exposure through clinical shadowing, volunteer, or research, and other hands-on opportunities, ensuring they’re well-versed in the practical aspects of patient care.
  • Navigate the Application Process: Leverage resources like MCAT preparation, application workshops, committee letter process, and personalized advising for a competitive edge during the medical school admissions process.

Master of Medical Science – A Virtual Voyage into Medical Mastery

  • Flexible Learning: Students can balance their current commitments while engaging in top-tier medical education through our dynamic online platform.
  • Advanced Insights: Learn from leading medical professionals and scholars at the Robert Larner College of Medicine who bring real-world experiences into their virtual classroom.
  • Career Advancement: Students will be equipped with the master-level qualification that positions students as a competitive candidate in the healthcare industry.
A comparison between Post-Bacc Pre-Med and Master of Medical Science. Full description can be found in the proceeding table.
Career Changer
Special Master’s or Academic Enhancer
Need most or all health professional school prerequisites
or completed prerequisites but sciences are older than 7 years
Completed basic med school prerequisites
Strong undergraduate recordSolid undergraduate record
Customized curriculum to suit individual needs

Partner with UVM for Pioneering Medical Education

Join us in forming an alliance of excellence. When you connect your students with the University of Vermont’s dynamic Post-Bacc Pre-Medical or Online Master of Medical Science programs, you’re not just expanding their educational horizons; you’re also reinforcing their potential for success in the competitive field of medicine.

Don’t allow your students to settle for the ordinary. Encourage them to elevate their ambitions at UVM and emerge as well-prepared, compelling candidates for medical school.

Choose University of Vermont — where potential meets opportunity.

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