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5 Reasons Why High School Students are Taking Pre-College Courses

1. Gain a Head Start on College Credits
2. Reduce Anxiety Around College Coursework
3. Build a Strong College Application
4. Test a College Major Early
5. Save Serious Money

For high school students, the idea of going to college can be both thrilling and daunting. It represents a unique and impactful chapter filled with both uncertainties and exciting opportunities. Here are four eye-opening testimonials from high school students who pursued Pre-College programs and Summer Academy at University of Vermont.

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What if there was a way to gain a sneak peek into the college experience before committing? This is where pre-college programs come into play. They offer high school students much more than just a glimpse into college life – the pre-college experience can give high school students an advantage during the application process, save them money, and facilitate a seamless transition to the next significant stage of their academic journey.

Here are four eye-opening testimonials from high school students who pursued pre-college programs.

Scarlett’s Opportunity:

Reason #1 — Gain a Head Start on College Credits

Pre-college classes aren’t just about getting a preview of college-level material—they offer a tangible head start in earning credits before high school students even step on campus. For instance, the University of Vermont provides the opportunity for students to dive into a potential college major or an area of interest while still in high school.

@scarlett_m_schaefer Get a head start on earning college credits before you step foot onto campus with UVM’s Pre-College program! #UVMRep #sponsored @UVM Pro & Continuing Ed ♬ original sound – Scarlett Schaefer🤡

Scarlett, a Vermont high school senior, is making the most of this opportunity by taking an Animal Sciences class at UVM. By the time she graduates high school, she’ll already be familiar with the territory of her future academic endeavors. This can not only help her get a head start on introductory college courses but it also gives her the gift of time. Time to explore, specialize, and make her college experience uniquely her own—while also saving on overall tuition expenses.

Tucker’s Insights:

Reason #2 — Reduce Anxiety Around College Coursework

Many incoming college students are anxious about navigating the new academic environment. What will college professors be like? How intense is the course load? These are valid concerns but they can be addressed early through pre-college experiences.

@tucker.hall With the UVM Pre-College program, I was able to reduce anxiety around college coursework. Find out how you can do the same! #UVMRep #sponsored @UVM Pro & Continuing Ed ♬ original sound – Tucker hall

Tucker, a high school senior, highlights that the comfort of managing coursework in high school isn’t always a guarantee in college. Taking a University of Vermont Pre-College course can be incredibly reassuring. By practicing the interaction and learning processes common in college, students like Tucker can develop the skills necessary to thrive in their future undergraduate courses.

Daniel’s Advantage:

Reason #3 — Build a Strong College Application

The competition for college admissions is fierce. A standout application can often make the difference in acceptance. Pre-college programs offer high schoolers a chance to not only explore but also excel at the college level before even applying.

@my.feet.r.cold Find out how the UVM Pre-College program can help you get ready for college courses today! #UVMRep #sponsored @UVM Pro & Continuing Ed ♬ original sound – Daniel

Daniel, a first-year student at the University of Vermont, credits his pre-college experience as a key factor in preparing a robust college application. High schoolers who participate in the UVM program can select from a variety of courses, both online and on-campus, during the school year or summer. This level of flexibility coupled with the advanced learning opportunities helps students like Daniel exhibit readiness and enthusiasm for higher education.

Mare’s Experiences:

Reasons #4 and #5 — Test a College Major AND Save Serious Money

Imagine discovering your passion and the potential to get a taste of your chosen major before starting college. Pre-college programs like those offered by the University of Vermont make it a reality. Not to mention the opportunity for significant cost savings by entering college with earned credits already in the bag. High school students have the opportunity to enroll in UVM courses, gain college credits, and receive a 50 percent in-state/out-of-state academic year tuition reduction. Vermont students can take two courses with tuition fully reimbursed through Vermont Dual Enrollment. 

@mmmaaaarrreee Learn how to explore your possible college major while saving serious money through UVM Pre-College! #UVMRep #sponsored @UVM Pro & Continuing Ed ♬ original sound – mare

Mare, a current UVM student and enthusiastic pre-college program past participant, has three compelling reasons why the University of Vermont’s program stands out. Firstly, it’s the chance to delve into college credits and pave the way for a smoother undergraduate journey. Secondly, she underscores the point of confidence-building in a familiar major. And lastly, she remarks on the substantial financial edge, with UVM offering courses at a 50% tuition reduction for high school students.

Live on-Campus With Summer Academy

UVM Summer Academy is an immersive, 4-week, for-credit academic program designed for motivated high school students who have completed 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Whether you’re interested in a high school summer medical program, developing your skills as a writer, or simply exploring a class not offered in high school, our Summer Academy courses will help you prepare for your future. You will live in campus housing and experience campus life, with 8 days of on-campus instruction followed by two weeks online.

“I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to attend the UVM Summer Academy if they have a class that meets what they are interested in. It’s a really good experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Morgan Burnham, Health and Medicine

UVM Summer Academy courses are taught by UVM faculty, and students will be evaluated by the same academic standards and procedures as UVM undergraduate students. Completed college credit courses will result in an official college grade and will be added to the student’s University of Vermont transcript. Students will also gain an introduction to a variety of University of Vermont resources.

“I think it’s always fascinating for high school students to really embed themselves in a college environment…there’s a huge value in being here. For some, the idea of college is a little bit abstract and so demystifying that is really important. This is something students can do and be excited about.”

UVM Professor Tom Wilson

Learn more about the exciting Summer Academy immersive experience, at

Embracing Pre-College Opportunities at UVM

The journey to higher education is a personal one, and for many, the journey begins before you leave the halls of high school. The many advantages provided by pre-college programs are not just enticing – they’re strategic. Take charge of your educational future today through UVM’s Pre-College and Summer Academy programs.

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