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Principles and practices of commercial tree fruit production, including site considerations; cultivars; training; nutrient, water and pest management; harvest and postharvest considerations. Special emphasis on environmental and economic sustainability of the orchard system. Pre/Co-requisites: ALE 1100, ALE 1210, BIOL 1400, BIOL 1450, BCOR 1400, or BCOR 1450; ALE 2610.


Open to Degree and PACE students

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Students will learn principles and practices of commercial orchard crop production, including: site selection and preparation; cold hardiness development; varietal selection; tree training and trellising systems; nutrient, water and pest management; harvest and postharvest considerations. Special emphasis will be placed on environmental and economic sustainability of fruit production systems. The course will cover both orchard crops suitable for production in northern New England, and students will have opportunities to explore specific crops in greater depth if they so wish. At each course meeting, we will apply knowledge of integrated horticultural and pest management practices in a real farm setting. Pre/co-requisites: PSS 10 or PSS 21 or BIOL 001 or 002 or BCOR 011 or BCOR 012; and PSS 161; or permission. The course format will consist of a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on fieldwork, and visits to local commercial orchards.


Project, 25% : Students will develop a farm management plan for a commercial fruit farm with 10-year financial records. Field Practicals, 25%: Applied, hands-on activities will be performed in orchards s to develop skills introduced in classroom lectures. Students will be assessed on: pruning, canopy management; cropload assessment and adjustment; fertility plan development based on soil and plant tissue analysis; and presentation of key pests of orchard plantings and methods for their management. Quizzes, 25%: Short quizzes will be presented each class to review the material presented that day. Professionalism, 25%: Students are expected to attend all classes, participate in activities, and act in a professional manner.

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