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About ALE 2210 OL1

Indoor flowers, culture, related topics such as design. Prerequisite: ALE 1100, ALE 1210, one semester of Biology, or Instructor permission.


Open to Degree and PACE students; Asynchronous online course; Prereqs enforced by the system: ALE/PSS 1100 or 1210; or one semester of Biology or Instructor Permission; Contact for override

Section Description

Unable to register? If you are unable to register due to prereq checking software issues, PLEASE contact me at for an override. > Whether you are looking to become a green industry professional, or just grow plants at home, this course provides the basics of design, plant care, and plant problems along with a foundation palette of plants. This completely online, self-paced course combines lecture notes and specific details on over 100 indoor plants. Extensive descriptions, cultural information, and lists of species and cultivars are given for key plants in groups such as foliage, cacti, succulents, orchids, cut flowers, and flowering potted plants. >Quizzes on each plant group/module are taken online (through Brightspace). They are open book and untimed (notes—all online, no text to buy), designed to test and reinforce your familiarity with and ability to use the extensive content, and to reinforce key plants, plant features and topics. Email contact between professor and students is used as needed and to share information.

Section Expectation

1. learn how to care for houseplants, tips to have them survive and even thrive 2. learn how to recognize the more common foliage and flowering plants you see in commercial spaces such as offices and stores, or for sale online or at various retails outlets that you may use at home


(no final) >Content quizzes (15, 100 points each) 1500 maximum points

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