About EDEC 3820 A

Provides the foundation needed to implement an integrated approach to designing, presenting, and evaluating an English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum across content areas while providing an important understanding of the qualities of children's literature. Prerequisites: EDEC 1630; Praxis Core Requirement fulfilled; Early Childhood PreK-3 major; or Instructor permission. Co-requisites: EDEC 3560, EDEC 3790, EDEC 3810.


Prereqs enforced by the system: EDEC 1630; Praxis Core requirement fulfilled; Coreqs for EDEC students: EDEC 3560, 3790, 3810; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course is designed to provide pre-service teachers with a foundation in evidence-based research in literacy, including reading, writing, and talk, to support children’s language and literacy development in kindergarten through third grade. Students apply a critical literacy lens to teaching practices through planning, instruction, and assessment in an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach across content areas. Students develop technical knowledge and pedagogy, including exploration of diverse children’s literature, through classroom experience in conjunction with an interdisciplinary practicum. This course emphasizes culturally relevant literacy instruction and science-based methods of teaching reading that meet the needs of and align to the interests and identities of children. Methods and strategies to support the literacy development of diverse learners, including culturally and historically minoritized groups; children of immigrant origin or displaced persons; Dual Language Learners and Multilingual/Emergent Bilingual, and English Language Learners is explored.

Section Expectation

This course seminar is face-to-face and aims to differentiate means of learning towards universal design, in a dialogic, collaborative environment. Didactic teaching to demonstrate pedagogy is also a part of the course structure. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours on weekly readings and/or podcasts in addition to instructional plans, reflections, and implementation of activities in K-3 classrooms. Additional coursework outside of class includes a reader identity and history project and a literacy profile of a child in a K-3 classroom, as part of the Vermont Teaching Portfolio for licensure.


Grades are based on attendance and participation, weekly assignments, and a cumulative course project.

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