About EDLP 6000 OR1

Course topics include the roles, functions, relationships and responsibilities in creating learning communities; leadership values, styles and behavior; trends and issues that impact organizations.


PACE students only; Colocated with EDLP 6000 A;

Section Description

Leading Learning Organizations is a foundational class in leadership theory and practice gears towards leading and managing small or large organizations in the fields of education, non-profit, and other fields geared towards helping people. The course covers leadership from the lenses of individuals, groups, and systems with the goal of aiding students in understanding theory and practice to serve as a leader of individuals, facilitate groups, and navigate institutions and societal systems.

Section Expectation

The course meets weekly and it is expected students will come prepared to engage in each session. Weekly reading is required and at a difficulty and volume commensurate with a graduate level course. There are three major assignments with a number of other weekly writing assignments.


Students are evaluated based on their engagement in class and the major products are graduate level writing assignments.

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