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About CDAE 1010 B

Creating pictorial presentation and 3D model drawings using computer software. Basic methods and procedures of architectural, three-view, oblique, isometric, and perspective computer-aided drawings.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

Creating vibrant presentations and 3D model drawings using SketchUp software involves a versatile and user-friendly approach that empowers architects, designers, and artists to bring their ideas to life. Mastering the basic methods and procedures of design, isometric, and perspective computer-aided drawings can unlock a world of creative possibilities. The studio is an active-learner-centered environment emphasizing developing a conceptual design, implementing sustainable principles, improving software-drawing skills, and delivering technical drawings used by many professionals.

Section Expectation

1. Provide students with the knowledge and skills to generate 3D images and products using a computer-based workstation with SketchUp software. 2. Students will learn SketchUp’s tool kit, views, tags/layers, groups, and components for workflow efficiencies.


Project 1 (10%) Project 2 (15%) Middle assignment (25%) Final Assignment (30%) Class exercises (20%)

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