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Human aging examined emphasizing biological and nonpathological physiological changes and their effects on the functioning of elders. Prerequisites: BIOL 1155, ANPS 1190 and ANPS 1200, or Instructor permission.


Asynchronous Online Course; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

Human aging examined, emphasizing biological and non-pathological physiological changes and their effects on the functioning of elders. In this one semester course, participants will gain an understanding of the impact of biologic aging on human function. You will: • Examine theories of biologic aging, • Learn how aging impacts physiology and function • Differentiate between aging and disease • Explore how these changes impact the life of older adult and those who interact with them Each learner will be able to explain these changes at the cellular, functional and practical level including the impact of age-related changes as they relate to their profession or interest in aging. This process will provide the learner with a background for working with older adults going forward. Text below is supplemented with other readings. Saxon, SV, Etten, MJ, & Perkins, EA. (2021). Physical Change & Aging, 7th edition. New York: Springer Publishing Company. ISBN 978-0-8261-5055-4.

Section Expectation

After this course, participants will be able to: • Compare and contrast the prominent theories of aging in humans. • Distinguish between normal and abnormal changes in older adults by body system. • Describe how normal age-related changes impact function in older adults. • Develop a plan to assist the older adult in managing functional changes. • Explain how normal aging contributes to common geriatric syndromes/problem such as falls, pressure ulcers, polypharmacy, delirium, and frailty. • Differentiate between age-related changes and diseases found in older adults such as dementia, osteoarthritis and diabetes.


Evaluation Component % of Grade Discussion Board Postings and Participation 25% Phys/Function/Implications Exercises/Quizzes 25% Geriatric Syndromes/Diseases Paper and Presentation 25% Final Assignment: Comprehensive short answer exam 25%

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