About CLAS 1620 OL2

Greek myth in literature, art, and music from antiquity to modern times.


Asynchronous Online Instructor: Charles Blume

Section Description

The first part of this online course is a study of the gods, heroes, and stories of ancient Greek mythology. The next area of focus is Roman mythology, including its adaptation of Greek myths. The course then concludes by exploring the way Greek and Roman mythology has been used in later centuries, up to modern times, in art, music, literature, and film. Readings cover various relevant ancient sources, including excerpts from Homer, Pindar, Virgil, and Ovid, and entire works of Hesiod (Theogony), Aeschylus (Prometheus Bound), and Sophocles (Oedipus the King). The class also deals with a few theoretical approaches to the interpretation of myth. Lectures are delivered via videos (aided by PowerPoint slides), with some also presented in written form. The goals are to 1) understand the myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans and consider how these stories influenced later cultures, 2) engage in critical evaluation of the myths in their literary form, and 3) learn to think and write critically and clearly when analyzing myths and mythology.

Section Expectation

While the course is not conducted in real time, i.e., is asynchronous, students are expected to meet the weekly deadlines for online discussion posts and quizzes, do the readings in a timely manner, study the lectures and video presentations each week, and formulate ideas in preparation for completing the final paper or project by the due date. Engagement with other students’ opinions and analysis is also expected. The textbook and most other class materials and readings are accessible online. One required text in print form is: The Metamorphoses of Ovid, translated by Michael Simpson. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press (April 1, 2004)


Grades are based on 11 discussion posts, 4 quizzes, and a final paper or PowerPoint project.

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