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About EDLI 6770 OL1

Designed to provide both a theoretical and a pragmatic understanding of information technology in the modern school library with a focus on the integration of technology within teaching and learning. Prerequisite: EDLI 6720 or equivalent.


Asynchronous online, with synchronous video conference sessions. Video sessions 9am-12pm 7/15, 7/22, 7/29, & 8/5. Instructor A. Bruccoli

Section Description

This course examines the integration and management of technologies in contemporary school libraries. Candidates will explore the ways that digital tools and resources can support readers, provide access to resources, and create community. Digital tools and resources assist students as they learn to actively and responsibly participate in an online world. They also provide authentic outlets to communicate their ideas beyond school walls. Candidates will develop competence and confidence in teaching with and using technology across the curriculum, and learn to adapt instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Candidates will research a variety of technology applications, develop criteria for selecting instructional technologies, and consider strategies for managing devices and applications. In addition to information technologies, candidates will be introduced to a design/tech teaching framework and explore how a Makerspace could be supported within or by the library media center. Candidates in this course will also examine ways to design instruction to teach and promote digital citizenship and media literacy skills. Candidates will also explore ways to promote student voice and choice and strategies for collaborating with colleagues. The content and practices covered in this course are aligned with American Association of School Librarians Initial Preparation of School Librarians Standards (2019), Vermont Educator endorsement standards for school librarians (#61), and Vermont Core Teaching Standards. The course supports candidates in developing the technology leader skills essential to the role of the school librarian.

Section Expectation

Technical support for students: Students, please read this technology checklist to make sure you are ready for classes. Students should contact the Helpline (802-656-2604) for support with technical issues.


eBook Learning Portfolio and Reflection ● Create and regularly contribute to an ebook Portfolio using Book Creator for Course Reflection. A total of seven reflections should respond to prompts listed in the course modules. Entry topics: Introduction, Assistive Technology, Makerspace, Student Voice/Student Choice, Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Course Reflection Due date: Ongoing. Final Entry completed by August 5th (30%) Digital Citizenship Definition and Resource Review ● Flip: What does Digital Citizenship mean to you? (10%) ○ Create original post and respond to two other Flip posts of classmates. Due July 24th ● Slideshow: Identify and evaluate resources for teaching Digital Citizenship. This will help you and can be reused/included in your Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence Proposal. (15%) ○ Personal Safety: 2 highlights and 1 challenge of at least 1 resource you could use for teaching personal safety aspect of Digital Citizenship ○ Information Literacy: 2 highlights and 1 challenge of at least 1 resource you could use for teaching information literacy aspect of Digital Citizenship Due July 29th Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence Proposal ● This proposal is intended to help you plan for Digital Citizenship instruction across grade levels in your current or desired instructional setting. (25%) ● The proposal should: ○ Define of Digital Citizenship ○ Include a rationale for why Digital Citizenship should be explicitly taught. ○ Identify standards addressed through Digital Citizenship Instruction ○ Include specific scope and sequence for how to teach information & media literacy components in a scope and sequence ○ Include specific scope and sequence for how to teach online safety and personal responsibility components ○ Include an exploration of how Digital Citizenship instruction can and should address the rise and use of AI. ○ Identify co-teaching opportunities where applicable Due Aug 4th Flipped Library Webpage or Tech Tips Site: Choose one of the two options below (20%) (a) Flipping the library: Each participant will select 1 area of the library to flip via a website/webpage. These could be:Tips for better browsing, Recorded Book Talk, Virtual library tour, Tutorials on using a specific app (eg Read Write Google, Fligrid, WeVideo, BookCreator etc), Tips for accessing eBooks etc OR (b) A Tech Tips Website for Staff: Tech tips should focus on at least two discrete uses of technology to support teaching & learning in a school community. Tech Tips should be in the form of a website or section of a website. Grades will be based upon participation in class and in online discussion, thoughtfulness of responses, and quality of projects.

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