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Examination of the major theories in international political economy. Specific topics include trade, finance, development, foreign direct investment, and the multinational corporation. Prerequisite: POLS 1500, POLS 1015, or ECON 1400.


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Section Description

This course is an introduction to the study of the global economy and world politics through an examination of power conflicts at the international economic level. Through detailed investigation into the international and domestic explanations for economic developments, we will explore the complex relationship between the nation-state and global capitalism today. This course will provide you with the tools to gain a richer understanding of international political economy — to learn the historical context of contemporary issues, to recognize the different perspectives on international political economy questions, and to develop an understanding of some of the major political problems and global forces shaping the world economy today. We will survey the evolution of the international economic system since the Second World War, with particular reference to contemporary concerns, debates and issues. We will also illustrate the varying explanatory powers of the different theoretical approaches by applying them to a selection of empirical cases. This will provide both the background and the necessary perspective to understand the complexity and multiplicity of perspectives in contemporary IPE.


Evaluations for this course will consist of four quizzes, one short and one long paper, and class participation.

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