About POLS 1300 Z1

Institutions, processes, and problems of American government. Credit not awarded for both POLS 1300 and POLS 1013.

Section Description

This class has two goals. The first goal is to provide you with a firm understanding of the American political system, its strengths and weaknesses. The second goal is to welcome you to the University of Vermont, and to familiarize you with both the college and the campus. Having this class over the summer will give you a head start in what to expect in a college learning environment.

Section Expectation

You are expected to learn about American politics, and you are expected to enjoy the UVM campus in the beauty of a Vermont summer.


There will be 4 test, one at the end of every week. There will be 4 brief homeworks also do at the end of the week. You will be expected and encouraged to participate in class discussion. There will also be several on campus field trips during class time you will be expected to attend.

Important Dates

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