About CNSL 6000 OL1

This course is designed to assist counseling students in understanding research methods, qualitative and statistical analysis, needs assessment, and program evaluation relevant to the field of counseling. This course or an approved equivalent is required for Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling students.


Online Asynchronous; CNSL Majors Only, or Instructor Permission

Section Description

This full online course is designed for counseling students to develop the skills of being critical consumers of research epistemology, methods, qualitative and statistical analysis, needs assessment, and program evaluation. Additionally, this course has been tailored for those students who are brand new to research methods and may be taking their very first research course within a higher education setting. Also, this course has been structured according to the curriculum standards as determined by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Section Expectation

Instructional will take place via the vehicle of ten Learning Modules. Modules will comprise readings, screen casts, and PowerPoint slides. Within the modules students will find Screen casts, Macro-enabled Power-point slides, links Microsoft Teams Check-ins, Discussion Board forums, reading, writing, and research assignments.


To support varying learning styles and needs over the summer, students will construct their own Personalized Assessment Plan, wherein they will choose from various assessment options in order to demonstrate their learning. Some of you may be familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. The assessment options in this course allow you to choose your level of learning within the levels of Remember, Understand, Analyze and Evaluate. In addition to the multiple choices that you can make regarding assessments, there will also be a few Mandatory Assignments that are non-negotiable.

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