About MATH 1248 OL1

Vectors and vector operations. Techniques and applications of integration. Polar coordinates, Taylor polynomials, sequences and series, power series. Credit will not be given for both MATH 1248 and MATH 1242. No credit following receipt of credit for MATH 2248 or above. Prerequisite: C- or better in MATH 1234.


Asynchronous online; Prereqs enforced by the system: MATH 1234; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

MATH 1248 (Calculus II) is a continuation of the study of the calculus of functions of one variable begun in MATH 1234. Topics will include techniques of integration, including integration by parts, trigonometric substitution, and partial fractions; applications of integration, including arc length and surface area; parametric equations and polar coordinates; sequences and series, including analytic tests for convergence; Taylor series; and an introduction to vectors in two and three dimensions. Topics will be presented with a level of depth and rigor appropriate for students pursuing degrees in technical fields such as mathematics, statistics, engineering, or the physical sciences. The computer algebra system Mathematica will be used throughout the course. Students coming from the MATH 1212 – 1224 sequence without having taken MATH 1234 should take MATH 1242 instead of MATH 1248.


Grades will be based on frequent quizzes, tests and computer labs.

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