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Group dynamics, impact assessment, risk assessment, and decision making. Emphasis on the process of solving complex environmental problems, interdisciplinary team work, and the National Environmental Policy Act. Prerequisites: NR 3050.


Prereqs: NR 3050; RSENR students only; students only; Minimum Senior standing; Service learning course has one formally scheduled meeting time during the week: Thursdays 1:00-3:30 All lecture material and discussions are asynchronous. However, students are required to work in a small group on a community-based project. It is therefore critical that students have the flexibility in their schedule to meet synchronoulsly with group members and community partners during Weekday Working Hours. It is important that students consider if they would like to work on a project that requires site visits and/or fieldwork. Some projects do allow for students to take this class while living out-of-state, but if a student would like their RSENR capstone project to incorporate elements of field work, they should take this class while living in Vermont. Questions: please email instructor

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