About PHYS 1500 OL1

Mechanics including oscillations and waves. With lab. Accompanying optional problem-solving session: PHYS 1510. Prerequisite: MATH 1234 or MATH 1242.


Prereq: MATH 1234; Lab is rolled into course; Synchronous online

Section Description

A first semester introductory calculus-based college physics course with an in-built lab component. This four credit course is offered mainly for students aiming to major in Engineering and any other student who needs a physics course. Students will be presented with the topics of linear and rotational motion, Kinetics and kinematics, momentum and energy as well as conservation laws and oscillations and related experiments. The course goals are for students to develop both a qualitative (conceptual), quantitative (calculus based problem-solving) understanding and experimental skills of each of these topics.

Section Expectation

Course Learning Objectives Successfully completing this course means that you can • Utilize one- and two-dimensional kinematics equations to analyze and predict motion. • Measure outcomes of hands-on activities and justify physical laws based on experimental evidence. • Calculate properties such as acceleration, kinetic and potential energy, linear and angular momentum, and different types of forces. • Utilize conservation laws (such as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum) to understand interactions and determine outcomes. The instructions and all activities are done online in synchronous mode. The students are expected to read the chapter and watch the lecture videos provided by the publisher before each class. There will be a reading quiz for every chapter prior to an online summary lecture by the instructor. Then two learning catalytic activities will be conducted. The students are expected to conduct the experiments by themselves using a kit purchased (recommended by the instructor) and submit the lab reports. There will be weekly homework to complete related to each chapter.


Each student will receive a total grade based on the grades of the exams, homework, pre-lecture, in-class activities and lab reports. The individual components will be scaled and converted to letter grades. The tentative evaluation criteria is as follows 3 Mid-terms 30% Lab Reports (~ 7 experiments) 25% Pre-Lecture Reading Quizzes: 5% In-class (Learning Catalytics): 20% (participation and correctness) Homework 20%

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