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Students explore best practices of teaching, learning, and assessing science in the middle and high school classroom. Leverages a professional learning community model to engage critical dialogue, reflection, and feedback about teaching scientific inquiry & the 3-dimensional learning practices of the NGSS. Various pedagogical approaches like place-based and project-based learning are also examined. Prerequisite: EDSC 1110, EDSC 2070, EDSC 2090, EDSC 2150, EDSC 2160.


Secondary MAT and Undergrad students; Minimum Jr standing; Prereq for MATs: EDSC 5207, 5209, 5215, 5216; Coreq/prer for Undergrads: EDSC 1110, 2070, 2090, 2150, 2160; Online and In-Person components, specific dates TBA; Open to Degree and PACE Students

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