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Introduces non-business majors to the fundamentals of accounting, finance, marketing, operations, management, strategy. May be used by Business Administration minors to fulfill three credits of upper-level Business Administration electives. Prerequisites: Non-Business Administration major.

Section Description

This course is asynchronous and has no scheduled virtual classes. This is a basic introductory business course which examines the functional areas of businesses and explains terminology and concepts which will enable you to become a better employee, a more informed consumer and even a successful business owner. Learn the fundamentals of business ownership, management and organization, human resources, marketing, e-business, information systems, accounting and finance. Discuss and learn about ethics, social responsibility, global issues, as well as, social media, and socially responsible business practices. Master important business concepts that will help you succeed in today's competitive business world and in your personal life.


Students will be assessed on learning outcomes through a variety of homework assignments, quizzes, discussion board posts, and a final group project.

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