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Fundamentals course in effective, informative, and persuasive public speaking and critical listening. Includes theory and practice.


PACE students only; Colocated with SPCH 1400 OL1; Total combined enrollment = 25; Asynchronous online

Section Description

Course Description Public speaking is a universally useful skill. Whether you’re an athlete, a student, an academic, a corporate or non-profit employee, or a stay-at-home parent, your ability to carefully craft an argument and confidently and skillfully convey it to your audience is of utmost value. This course will help you learn to think of speaking as a conversation—not as a theatrical performance, construct convincing arguments, recognize unethical speakers, and other functional aspects of public speaking. Ideally, this course will be a cornerstone of your college education—one that will be of broad use to you in the remainder of your courses here, in your future job, as well as in your current and future personal life. Course Objectives 1. To develop your confidence as a public speaker, and, if necessary, overcome some of your fears and anxieties over public speaking. 2. To learn how to construct a speech from the beginning planning stages through the point of execution. 3. To learn the fundamental skill set necessary to deliver an effective public speech. 4. To learn how to critically listen to and reflect on speeches you hear in your everyday life. Required Text Gunn, Joshua. 2020. Speech Craft. 2nd ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s.—Available at the bookstore Online nature of the course will have you watch recorded lectures, do weekly course activities, watch student speeches, and deliver your speeches online. You will need quality internet and the ability to record your lectures with a professionally constructed space for you to deliver speeches. If this cannot be provided, I suggest you do not take this course.

Section Expectation

Introductory Speech 5% Oral Interpretation 5% Informative Speech 15% Persuasive Speech 15% Ceremonial Speech 20% Speaker Event/Write Up (2) 10% Peer Evaluations (5) 10% Participation/In class activities 10%

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