About HDF 1600 A

Developmental ecological approach to analysis of the family as a system in which individuals develop.


Instructor permission required, Colocated with HDF 1600 B

Section Description

HDFS 060 is an introductory course on development of family relationships and systems. Students learn to apply a developmental and ecological principles, to describe how families are formed, change over time, and shape the development of the individuals who make up the family. The course is open to any student; there are no pre-requisites. It is offered only in the Spring semester. HDFS 060 is a moderately large lecture class supported by Blackboard and that incorporates several active learning practices. There is at least one main text and regular additional readings made available on Blackboard.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to read and understand the assigned materials and apply the concepts during class time. Assignments/activities are also designed to help students understand and apply the material of the course, in and out of class. A successful learning environment necessitates active engagement in and out of class.


There are typically several assignments required outside of class, including written papers, written or audio submissions of reading responses, and reflective exercises; in-class writing and discussion exercises; and two exams.

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