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Advanced courses on topics beyond the scope of existing departmental offerings. See Schedule of Courses for specific titles and prerequisites. Prerequisite: Senior Business Administration major or minor.


Prerequisite: Senior Business Administration major or minor; BUS 3560; instructor permission required; for permission email gsbcss@uvm.edu; open to Degree and PACE students.

Section Description

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the strategies, practices and challenges at play for the world’s largest corporate retailers. The course will emphasize a seminar style based on active discussion and participation. With a focus on decision making and planning, the course will cover topics including the evolution of corporate retailing, location and site selection, supply chain strategies, customer relationship management and data driven decision making, merchandise management, branding and communications strategies and visual merchandising and design. A special topic focus will be the Sustainable Retailing practices developed and used by these retailers.

Section Expectation

Students should have taken BUS 3560, Retail Management (or a similar introductory Retail, Fashion or Merchandising course) prior to enrolling in Corporate Retail Strategies. The course will utilize a seminar style, based on the expectation of active discussion and participation. Several readings will be used as primary resources for the course as well as published cases. Course assessment will be based on a number of writing project and presentations in addition to seminar participation. Along with reading and analyzing published cases, students will write and present their own comprehensive case study of a Corporate Retailer. The course may be counted towards the Marketing concentration and/or the Sustainable Business theme.


The course is evaluated through active seminar participation and discussion leadership, case analyses, case and report writing and presentations.

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