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Explores questions about the moral status of the environment, including our obligations regarding it, using the tools of philosophical argument and analysis. Content, readings, and assignments vary by section and instructor. Credit not awarded for both PHIL 1630 and versions of the course offered as PHIL 1010 to 1029.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course is an introduction to contemporary environmental ethics. We will survey some ethical and philosophical theories of value and moral obligation as they apply, in particular, to environmental issues and policy, and we will examine various case studies related to themes in environmental ethics. We will consider the ethical crisis of climate change, our obligations to non-human animals and eco-systems, the obligations for sustainable development and consumption on the micro and macro scale, the ethical issues of food production, distribution and consumption, population growth, and the moral obligations of wealthier nations to poorer and underdeveloped ones. The emphasis will be on developing philosophical skills of critical thinking and analysis and applying them to particular issues and cases in environmental ethics.

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