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Online synchronous; Open to Degree and PACE students 3 credits

Section Description

This graduate course explores the development of leadership in college students and other adult learners. It provides an introduction to: (1) the study of leadership through research and theory, including critical analysis; (2) the field of leadership education within and beyond higher education; (3) the process of leadership identity development and intersections between social identity, human development, and leadership understanding/practice, and; (4) the process of leadership learning, as well as pedagogical approaches and design of leadership programs. Course content is applicable to anyone with interest and/or experience in: designing and facilitating leadership programs, teaching courses with leadership themes, advising “student leader” populations, working in leadership training and development contexts in any field/profession, and/or increasing personal and community capacity for engaging in the leadership process.

Section Expectation

Coursework includes class discussion, written reflections, online discussion boards, partner/group work, and a program design project. Work is mostly asynchronous and class will not meet live every week. Schedule details will be included on the syllabus. Contact instructor with questions.


Grades are based on written reflections, class project, online and live discussion, and any partner/group work and activities.

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