About COMU 2230 A

Provides an understanding of how adversity affects the brain and genome. Students will engage with the science of adversity using case studies, examples from popular media, and a review of the scientific literature. Pre/Co-requisite: COMU 1010.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

We will survey the science of adversity, risk, and resilience with a goal toward understanding the many areas of health and well-being affected by adversity. We will examine the underlying neuroscience and genomics of risk and resilience and how they are affected by adverse environments and how they are supported by wellness initiatives. To this end, we will begin the semester discussing the response of the body to stress and the underlying neuroscience and genomics of risk. We will then explore specific aspects of risk including poverty, adverse family environments, and food insecurity. After break, we will explore resilience – the flip side of risk – and the neuroscience and genomics of how it is bolstered with music, art, exercise/sports, and relationships. The course has an experiential design—we will often be listening to stories of risk and resilience to highlight the messages presented in the readings and brief lectures. We will explore our own resiliency factors and work on bolstering them, and we will discuss the implications in our lives, the lives of those close to us, and society.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to be present and respectful. Engagement at required lectures is 20% of the grade. We expect academic discourse and the free exchange of ideas by listening with civil attention to all individuals. There is no required text.


• Daily Quizzes/Engagement: (Total 20% of final grade) • Weekly Exercises: (Total 20% of final grade) • Case Studies (Total 10% of final grade) • Student Presentation: (Total 30% of final grade) • Final Exam: (Total 20% of final grade)

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