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Ruins captivate our imagination. From ancient sites to present-day abandoned buildings, we are mesmerized by the traces of decay and collapse. Whether we explore them in person, or virtually through video games and other media, ruinous landscapes feel both menacing and inviting. What fuels our fixation, why are we connected to these spaces, and what does this all say about our sense of ourselves and the world around us? Is this "schadenfreude," the pleasure taken in experiencing others' misfortunes? Are we gearing up for our own dystopic futures? And how (and why) do we feed this fixation through "ruin-porn," urban-exploration, gaming, artifact collecting, and other means? The large lecture course explores these questions with critical attention to the portrayal of ruins in film, photography, and other media. The coverage will range broadly from archaeological sites in the past to contemporary war zones, abandoned malls, and other familiar landscapes.


Students will complete small writing assignments and quizzes. There are no exams/textbooks.

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