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Comparative survey concentrating on Latin America from the independence movements to the present with emphasis on cultural, political, and economic development and US intervention.


Open to Degree and PACE students

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This course gives a broad overview of Latin American history from the late nineteenth century onward, up to the present day. This will be done through an examination of long-term processes of political and social change, including the emergence of authoritarianism, democracy, and radicalism at different moments in various nations. The course will also closely examine several key watershed moments in the history of the region, and their significance and impact, including the Mexican and Cuban Revolutions. Throughout, we will also consider Latin America’s relationships with the rest of the world. Lastly, particular attention will be paid to questions of human rights, including those of indigenous peoples and women. Readings will include scholarship from numerous disciplines (history, political science, and anthropology), as well as selected primary documents. Concentration: The Americas (HI05)

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