About THE 1030 A

Overview of general theatre practices and theories, emphasizing history, script analysis, character development, and communicative skills directed toward a modern audience. Credit not awarded for both THE 1030 and versions of the course offered as THE 1010 to 1029.


Non-Theatre Majors and Minors only

Section Description

This course is a broad introduction to theatre and the various aspects of how it is created. We will explore theatre both as an art form and as a practical craft. Using plays read in class and live performance, we will cover: Contemporary forms of theatre and genre-changing creators, the role of the audience in theatrical performance, the role of the actor and director in theatrical production, the artistry and craft of technical theatre, the importance and relevance of theatre in present day, and using theatre as a tool for social change.

Section Expectation

This class will combine lecture and group discussion. Multiple projects will require work outside of class. Students will be expected to attend two Department of Theatre and Dance productions - one play and one dance piece.


Grades will be based on class attendance and participation, written and project based assignments, class presentations, production analyses and a final project.

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