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Introduction to applied practice in contemporary dance. Open to students with no previous dance training. Emphasis on fundamentals of contemporary dance technique and movement mechanics. Includes overview of modern/contemporary dance history and experiential anatomy. Reading, writing, and attending live performances required. May be repeated for credit.


Open to Degree and PACE students

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Dance 1100 A Contemporary Dance Foundations Julie Peoples-Clark, Lecturer / Artist in Residence jpeoples@uvm.edu Office hours: meeting with instructor by appointment DESCRIPTION: This is a studio course in beginner/intermediate dance technique; it’s the right level for students who are beginners, or who have some dance but no contemporary dance training, and/or are entering technique classes in the Dance Program for the first time. Contemporary dance – also called “modern dance” - has historically been individualistic and transgressive, first against societal and aesthetic strictures in the early years of the 20th century, and then in successive reactionary waves throughout the 20th and 21st centuries; there are endless varieties of movement and training. METHOD and ASSESSMENT: The primary method of study is consistent and fully embodied physical/mental participation in the class. A student's success in the course will depend on willingness and ability to develop meaningful understandings of dance training and bring in-depth participation and response in class activities and assignments. Supplements to in-class work: reading, drawing/writing, video and live performance viewing, and a final in-class composition & performance. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: ACTIVE PARTICIPATION - Active participation is being present in mind and body, a curiosity to learn; being consistent, punctual, motivated and willing to take risks; taking responsibility to listen, apply corrections, and synthesize required readings, writing projects, and performance viewing. Respect for the teacher and fellow students is expected. ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance and active participation are required in this course. Please notify instructor if you are beginning this course with any prior health condition that might require you to modify your participation in class. If you sustain an injury during your enrollment in this course, you are required to be present, observe the class, and take notes (paper only). Turn them in at the end of class; otherwise, it will count as an absence. Medical appointment excuses will be handled on a case-by-case basis established by the parties involved. Students are allowed two absences (excused and unexcused) before their grade is affected. Any absence over 6 will result in the failure of the course. Class Expectations: - Wear comfortable clothes to move in - avoid jeans, hats, belts, excessive jewelry. - Please do not chew gum. - Except for plastic water bottles, keep food/drink/glass off the dance floor. - Stay active, focused, and on-topic during class – no sitting, checking phones, etc. - Class will be dismissed on time by teacher. REQUIRED – INSPIRATION / IMAGE JOURNAL You will be required to keep an “inspiration / image journal.” Images should primarily be hand-made with a pen or pencil or other drawing tool, in a regular-size journal book or looseleaf. They can be supplemented by other media. “Inspiration” can mean responses, thoughts, ideas, feelings, stories, descriptions, poetry. The journal is in no way a measure or test of your skill in drawing. It does not need to be a finished product. It is an honest and in-the-moment response that helps you to process the information you are seeing, experiencing, feeling. Create at least one page of image journal for each week of class. Feel free to do more. The journal is a means to think and connect on paper. Approach the task as something like stream-of-consciousness. Be wide-ranging in making connections to other thoughts/ images in your life. Avoid “just doing the assignment.” Draw/write for yourself. JOURNAL SHARING/COLLECTING We may share our first entries with each other , (not collected). Journals will be collected once over the course of the semester (if drawn on looseleaf, please collect in a folder.) Late journals will receive serious deductions! Extensions are possible with well in advance of due date, not on or day before due date. Journals will be collected at Mid-term LIVE PERFORMANCE REVIEW Students are required to attend 2 live dance performance/event. Write two to three page review about the show. Include aspects of set design, costume, lighting, movement, and music. In this paper, you will balance your analytical, descriptive and critical voices. YOUR REVIEW MUST BE SUBMITTED ONE WEEK AFTER THE SHOW. FINAL COMPOSITION ASSIGNMENT: Group Final Project. Using “inspiration / image journal” students will compose/choreograph and present a group piece. EVALUATION OF WORK: Your final course grade is the only formal grade you’ll receive in this class. I’ll determine that based on participation and your performance on in class and written assignments,. You’ll receive feedback on everything you do in this class, including written assignments, but I’m not relying on points or grades at every step. This is sometimes referred to as a non-grading approach and it should reduce your stress this semester. GRADING 50% Active Participation (including attendance) 20 % Live Performance reviews 20% Journal 10% Final Note: Please be aware the the instructor will use touch as a teaching tool. There will also physical contact between fellow classmates. If for any reason, this is an uncomfortable situation please fell free to speak directly to the instructor. Disclaimer: This syllabus is subject to change. You will be notified of any significant changes to the policies. NOTES: Students with documented disabilities or special needs who require accommodation for this course, please contact me within the first weeks of the semester, prepared to provide documentation. With questions ACCESS, A-170 Living Learning Center, 656-7753, access@uvm.edu. Academic integrity is an essential part of learning at UVM. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner while at the University and abide by the Code of Academic Integrity. Offenses against the Code are deemed serious and insult the integrity of the entire academic community. Any suspected violations of the Code will not be tolerated and all allegations will be forwarded to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards. For a copy go to: http://www.uvm.edu/%7Euvmppg/ppg/ student/acadintegrity.html PDF File

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