About POLS 1200 A

Examination of basic problems in political philosophy, e.g. morality and law; punishment; freedom; equality; obligation and disobedience. Credit not awarded for both POLS 1200 and POLS 1012.


Open to Degree and PACE students;

Section Description

This course introduces students to political theory, which examines vital ethical questions about politics. We will explore: what do freedom and equality require of us as citizens, and of our government? What rights are we entitled to claim? Do we have any obligation, as citizens, to obey our government, and what are the limits of that obligation? Is patriotism a virtue? Why have government at all, and what are its legitimate aims? What is the best form of government, and should we prefer democracy? We live out answers every day to these questions; they are inescapable. The answers we reach guide our decisions to vote, to protest, and to speak out as citizens. What political theory contributes is a rigorous study of these subjects, informed by the most influential books that have profoundly shaped our Constitution and our political thinking to this day. Our purpose as citizens will determine our future as a democracy – and whether we will continue to have one.

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