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Basic statistical concepts, methods, and applications, including correlation, regression, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra.


Prereq: Two years of high school algebra; Open to Degree and PACE students;

Section Description

This course will prepare you to use statistics within your field of study and in your daily life. Concepts presented in this course will be useful to critical thinkers in an increasingly data-focused society, and techniques covered will provide a foundation for understanding real-world research.____ TOPICS: Basic overview of data classification; descriptive statistics; correlation and regression; study design and data collection; probability; confidence intervals; hypothesis testing.

Section Expectation

Class time will consist of lessons to explain concepts, problem solving, discussions, and activities around key concepts. During work times, I encourage you to work with your peers and to ask me questions. I also encourage you to participate in class discussions EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT that you are on the right track. Usually, the class learns more from working through someone’s confusion than we do from someone volunteering a “perfect” answer. ____________ The course will use an online platform called WileyPLUS to access the textbook for the course, which is called "Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data, 3rd edition, by Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock & Lock." Purchase of a printed copy of the textbook is not required. Access to WileyPLUS is required. In the spring of 2023, the cost for WileyPLUS access was $69 when purchased online from the publisher.


Grades will be based on: WileyPLUS assignments, weekly quizzes, 2 unit assessments (take home assignments focusing on applications), and a group project/presentation. (Subject to change)

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