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Systems-thinking applied to analysis and design of engineered systems and elements, including economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainable designs within global contexts. Includes life-cycle cost analysis, uncertainty, risk, and engineering economics. Prerequisites: STAT 1410 or STAT 2430 or STAT 2510.


Prereq enforced by system: STAT 1410 or STAT 2430 or STAT 2510; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

Systems-thinking applied to analysis and design of engineered systems and to support engineering decision-making. Includes systems thinking, engineering economics, life-cycle assessment, uncertainty, risk, and equity analysis. This course develops design engineering skills by applying principles of engineering design to achieve environmentally, economically and socially sustainable outcomes in local and global contexts by following a system-thinking approach. Course goals are to have students learn: 1. To recognize the interrelationships between engineered systems, socio-economic systems, and the natural environment. 2. To characterize uncertainty and quantify risk, and account for risk in evaluation of design alternatives. 3. To evaluate the costs and benefits of projects, including capital, operating and maintenance costs, internalized and externalized financial, social and environmental costs, and costs spanning a project’s lifecycle. 4. To apply systems thinking to solve contemporary engineering challenges and to support engineering decision-making.

Section Expectation

In class sessions include a combination of lectures and in-class workshops that allow you to apply and practice the concepts and techniques described in the lecture. These are supplemented with homework and project assignments that support deeper understanding and independent learning. Some of the class activities and assignments involve independent work while others incorporate paired or group work or peer instruction. Students are expected to spend 6 to 8 hours per week outside of class on preparation and assignments.


Grades are based on participation in in-class workshops, homework assignments, midterms, and a final exam.

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