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Lecture and laboratory experiences about molecular and cellular structure, function and physiology using human cells as the model.


Must register for Lab A01, A02, A03 or A04; MLS, MRS, BIOM, HSCI, PHS Students only or Instructor permission; Student Lab Fee: $65; Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to molecular and cellular relationships to cell physiology, using human blood cells as a model system. The goals of the lecture component of this course are that students learn the fundamental concepts of basic cell biology while gaining an understanding of the specific functions of the various blood cells and other cell types within the body. Students will acquire knowledge of the physiological processes that regulate human cells and the mechanisms that lead to cellular dysfunction during disease states. The laboratory experiences are designed to enhance student knowledge of basic cell biology and to introduce students to the techniques of cell analysis used in clinical and research laboratories.

Section Expectation

•Lectures will be delivered in PowerPoint format, also posted as PDF ahead of lecture. There will be opportunities for students to participate interactively through answering/asking questions, think-pair-share activities, and some interactive mini-quizzes. •The course will utilize the following textbook: Alberts Essential Cell Biology, 6th edition (e-book: ISBN 978-1-324-03341-7 OR paperback print: ISBN 978-1-324-03335-6- either format is acceptable). This textbook comes with a learning software module, which will be integrated as interactive online quizzes (1 per week) and post-class assignment (approx. 2 per unit), which will serve to reinforce the concepts learned in lecture. •Laboratory exercises: The laboratory exercises will be posted on the Brightspace site. You will be expected to read the laboratory procedure and any associated reading in the textbook before you begin each exercise. You are responsible for printing and bringing the copy to each lab.


Students will be evaluated through a variety of assessments which may include four lecture exams (one per each unit), quizzes, assignments, class participation, pre-laboratory quizzes, post-laboratory worksheets/report, and a final laboratory exam/report.

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