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A survey of dance history in Western civilization from the Renaissance to the present. Emphasis on the dance idioms of ballet and modern dance.


Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

The study of dance history recognizes voices from the past, introducing social and political concepts, memories, heritage, and authenticity. It allows us to reflect on challenges and events that have influenced and formed our society today. To study dance history is to take an intellectual and somatosensory journey connecting the past, present, and future.

Section Expectation

This course looks at the history of dance, from its evolution as rituals and sacred acts to the dance we see today. The curriculum navigates through the early formation of the classical school in Europe (court ballet), the rejection of BALLET aesthetics and the birth of MODERN DANCE in the United States, the expressionism era in Germany, and the post-modern period in both Europe and the US. The course focuses on the following three areas of study: • Dance Ethnology: Identifying iconic dance figures that have impacted the field, emphasizing culture, history, and race. • Cultural Diversity: Recognizing the influences of early cultural forms such as sacred ceremonies, rituals, and beliefs in the formation of dance traditions. • Social and Political: Understanding aspects of history that contributed to the development of the dance scene.


Final Exam: 35 points Mid-term: 20 points Video Reflection: 15 points (5 points each) Performance Attendance: 10 points

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