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Medical imaging plays a central role in healthcare delivery. Students will learn about X-Ray, CT, MRI, PET, and ultrasound imaging. Their clinical applications and role in healthcare both in the US and around the world will be discussed.


Location: UVMMC Radiology McClure 1312; Please contact Christine.Boomer@uvm.edu or Zachary.Burbano@uvmhealth.org if you have any questions; Open to Degree and PACE students

Section Description

In this course, UVM undergraduate students learn directly from physician faculty about the real-world use of cutting-edge medical imaging technology. Medical imaging allows healthcare providers to see inside the human body to diagnose disease and guide treatment. In this course, we will describe the imaging techniques used in a modern radiology department and their importance to healthcare. There are many types of medical imaging employed in a modern radiology department, for example based on X-rays (radiography, CT scans), radioactive decay (bone scans, SPECT, PET), electromagnetic waves (MRI) and sound (ultrasound). A descriptive approach will be used, with emphasis on general principles and applications, rather than detailed mathematics. The information presented will be practical and of use in your lives, in whichever path you are headed. All material will be taught by radiologists (physicians who interpret medical images) with guest speakers including technologists in various imaging modalities and medical physicists. A background in the biologic sciences, physics or mathematics is not required to enter or succeed in this class. Students will also learn how ultrasound is being applied to help improve healthcare and meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goal to “Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio”. This will be presented by the president and co-founder of “Imaging the World” (ITW). ITW aims to bring inexpensive ultrasound technology to under-resourced countries to help address global health issues. The role of radiology/imaging has evolved rapidly over the last 25 years and has taken a central role in evaluating, diagnosing and treating patients in the era of modern health care. Regardless of whether prospective students are considering a career in the healthcare industry, this course will provide background information that all potential patients will find valuable to understand what tests they or their friends and family may undergo. This will allow them to be able to be an active participant in the decision making process of their own healthcare. Additionally, students will learn about how changes in public policy (such as the Affordable Care Act, “Medicare for all”, and the “Public Option”) may impact future health costs and services. The course may also be of particular interest to students with future career plans involving healthcare, bioengineering, or public health. A forum including participants of the various career options in Medical Imaging will be conducted near the end of the course.

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